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Respond to marketing leads, stay engaged with them and understand what marketing is working best. ReachEdge software from ReachLocal.

What is ReachEdge

ReachEdge is simple lead tracking, marketing automation, and analytics software small businesses have been waiting for. It works with your website to track leads from your marketing and give the insight you need to turn those leads into customers - so you make the most of every opportunity to grow your business.

Respond to Leads Faster

Real-time alerts and a centralised inbox put all your marketing leads at your fingertips, so you can respond faster and close more sales.

Stay Engaged with Leads

ReachEdge makes staying in touch with new leads a breeze with marketing automation that’s easy to set up and use, and a team of experts that are here to help.

Know What Marketing Works

Say goodbye to complicated reports. ReachEdge gives you a clear picture of which marketing gets you the leads you want, so you can invest more in what’s working.

ReachEdge Features

Here’s what comes with ReachEdge small business marketing software, so you get value from day one.

Lead Inbox

50% of consumers do business with the company that calls back first.1 Be that business with real-time alerts and a Lead Inbox that lets you centrally manage and respond to your marketing leads – so you can follow up first and close more sales.

Marketing Automation

ReachEdge makes it so easy to stay in front of prospects and customers, you won’t have any excuse not to. ReachEdge sends customised marketing emails to your contacts automatically, keeping you top of mind without any extra effort.

Clear Analytics

Over 60% of businesses don’t know whether their marketing works.2 With ReachEdge, you won’t be one of them. ReachEdge tracks leads from all your digital marketing and shows you exactly which ones are getting you leads.

2 InfusionSoft & Lead Pages

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