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ReachEdge Software Features

Here’s what comes with ReachEdge marketing software, so you get value from day one.

Lead Inbox

Get more customers when you respond faster than the competition.

With the Lead Inbox, you can view contact details, play back calls, and review chats and form fills, all from a central location, and take action that helps you close the sale.

Marketing Automation

Earn more sales and drive repeat business from customers.

Generate custom email marketing with special offers, seasonal events, or product information, then sit back as ReachEdge sends them to new contacts for you.

Clear Analytics

Make smarter marketing decisions when you know what works.

ReachEdge’s easy-to-read reports help you make sense of all your marketing, so you know what’s getting you the most leads.

Full Features

Lead Inbox

  • Lead & call capture
  • Capture lead details: name, email address, business location, phone number, day and time of inquiry
  • Phone tracking: Includes 5 phone lines
  • Online leads and voicemail views
  • Voicemail playback
  • Call recording and playback
  • Phone recording: Records calls through lines for playback
  • Lead & Contact Management

Lead ownership

  • Status management
  • Tag classification
  • Lead routing based on geography, office and/or employee
  • Reminders

Marketing Automation Features

  • Ability to schedule out campaigns
  • Set automated workflows to respond to leads
  • Ability to target key contact groups by tags or status classification


  • Top referrer report showing source of visitors, phone calls, leads
  • Campaign delivery and performance
  • Contact hours

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